Save yourself from #NoMoFo. Secure your phone today.

Derived from the popular term Nomophobia (No More Phone Phobia), #NoMoFo is that constant fear of losing all contact with the world - just by losing your phone. Chances are you already suffer from this condition. And why not? With your phone you lose your contacts, chats, private data, shopping, gaming and so much more!

Why be a loser? Choose a smarter way to safeguard your phone and steer clear of #NoMoFo with Quick Heal Gadget Securance.

    Here's what you get:

  • Premium
    handset insurance
  • Security
    against data theft and loss
  • Protection
    against viruses and malware
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Get in touch
Gadget Securance can be bought only within 15 days of purchase of a new mobile device.

#NoMoFo around the world

Jose's #NoMoFo Woes

HoeZay is probably the worst hit by #NoMoFo epidemic. Can someone please help him find a cure? Hint, hint, hint!

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